Friday, September 26, 2008

Bungie Announces Halo 3 Expansion Pack, Releases Trailer

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The biggest title coming out for Xbox 360 in the next few months is... Halo 3? Bungie would sure like you to think so. That’s right, Bungie’s at it again with more Halo, as Microsoft shows their dedication to downloadable content.

This morning a countdown ended on to reveal an all-new teaser trailer for Halo 3. The game set records when released exclusively for the Xbox360 platform last year, but Bungie soon after split from Microsoft, becoming an independent game studio once again.

They proved today that they have not abandoned Microsoft’s system or the millions of Halo fans, announcing an expansion pack adding to the campaign mode. How exactly it will add-on is yet to be seen. The game gave a sense of finality to the Halo trilogy, leaving fans a bit bewildered as to how an expansion will work.

The trailer starts with a stark but peaceful metropolis, cutting quickly to the image of a large metallic asteroid burning through the atmosphere. A heads-up display evaluates the cityscape, then takes a street-level look, with cars lining it, a storm hitting, and a large red sign that ominously says “evacuate” over “City of New Momelisa.” Whoever is in this city knows something is coming. Scanning the skies above, the image now sees a swarm of vehicle flying high atop the skyline, as the HUD cuts in and out. A large-scale explosion goes off in the distance, and several metal objects drop from the sky.

In an alert screen familiar to fans who’ve been watching the website, the viewer is told to “Please Remain Calm” in several languages. “Pardon our Dust” and “Keep it Clean” are also flashed across the screen before a seemingly random series of green-on-black letters and numbers scrolls across, including a date hidden in the “code” that says “01/06/09,” ending in a reboot of the HUD, warning of a metropolitan disaster. The same areas scanned before are shown again, this time in fire and ruins. The scan shows a population of zero, and a final metal object falls from the sky, cracking the camera. “Prepare to Drop” is the final tagline shown before the logos.

So there you have it, Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios are releasing a campaign expansion to Halo 3, likely on January 06, 2009. Will this expansion make you prioritize a year old game above all the great looking games coming this holiday season? Sound off below!

Watch the trailer for yourself right here at Newsarama by clicking here.

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