Monday, October 13, 2008

Spore Announces Expansion Pack

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It seems the ephemeral Spore expansion that appeared on Amazon and GameStop earlier this month (only to quickly disappear) is indeed launching on November 18, as those listings seemed to suggest. A brand new listing for the "Creepy & Cute Parts Pack" has appeared on none other than EA's own online store (via Joystiq), showing it's already available for pre-order and confirming the earlier reported November release date.


Sure enough, the expansion pack has also reappeared on GameStop (but not yet Amazon). But all this hullabaloo over where and when the expansion is or isn't listed seems to miss the real question raised here -- is $20 asking a little bit too much for an expansion that at least seems to only offer some new creature parts not two months after the game released?

We know Maxis has a track record for releasing innumerable expansions, and we know Spore expansions have already been planned for a while, so it seems like this is just the first sign of many, many more expansions to come. We just hope the "Spore Ikea Parts Pack" won't be following anytime soon.

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