Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playstation 3 Offer Review

This is the first of many “free” offers I will review related to Games & Toys.

A little about myself – I am a 26 year old gamer. I love video games, though the only console I currently own is an Xbox 360 and my PC. I was born in Russia and moved to the United States when I was 13. While in college in the United States, I frequently used similar “free” offers to help me get items for very little cost and sometimes no cost. I mostly used these pages to get gift cards to various shops.

Since I already own an Xbox, I figured the next step would be the PS3. I really want to upgrade to a Blu-Ray player anyway, so why not? Today I will examine the Playstation 3 offer using the following criteria and answering frequent questions about these types of offers.

1. How and where can I find this?

Well, you could just click here or find this through organic search listings on Google by searching for “playstation 3”. You can also find this under Google paid listings. Paid listings are the sponsored listings located at the top of the search page and on the right side-bar. Searching for “free ps3” should bring this offer up.

2. Who is offering this?

This is part of the current corporation I am examining called “World Avenue”. This firm specializes in these free offers and they have many different categories for different products (see links to the right for blogs pertaining to those different categories).

3. What is required to receive this- in terms of effort and cost (if any)?

You’ll need to have basic mailing information (name, address, email etc.), anywhere from 35 minutes to 2 hours to spend reviewing and signing up for low cost offers, a secure internet connection (I’m assuming you have one if you’re reading this), $0 if you use the Refer-A-Friend option (we’ll get to that later).

4. My personal experience with this offer:

I went through the offer path slowly to document my experience for you. After a few short survey questions I got to the sponsored offers page. Here is where you can choose to sign up for trial offers and subscriptions such as 30-day Netflix or Blockbuster memberships (which some of you probably want to get anyway). You also have the option to use Refer-A-Friend to receive any of World Avenue’s offers without paying any cost. I found this intriguing and will definitely test this route next time.

It took about an hour and a half (it would probably be quicker if I didn’t stop to examine every page) to completely sign up for each offer and reach my confirmation page. Along the way I spotted offers from Netflix, Seattle Coffee, Teeth Whitening, EMusic, Blockbuster, Video Professor etc. There was a wide variety of different sponsor offers to choose from.

So, I completed the path and am anxiously awaiting my PS3. I’m very excited and will update when it is received. Metal Gear Solid anyone? :)

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SportJock said...

Thanks for the great info. Went through a couple of surveys and referred a family member and got myself a new Wii. I signed up for Blockbuster monthly membership saves me time rather than going to the store and renting it and something called e music its similar to itunes
thanks again!!